I'm a busy mom who works hard for her kids! Hope you can relate to some of my thoughts!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weighing in...

Just a quick blog today to keep myself accountable with my weight loss journey. I've been pretty up and down all month, but today I weighed in at 160! Getting closer to those 150's where I want to be!! :)

My biggest struggle?? DIET COKE!!! I can't seem to stop drinking it! But I figure since I'm so focused on my calories, and exercise, and everything else I can give in on one little vice right?

SO excited for SPRING BREAK! We have 2 weeks off and I can't wait to LIVE at the gym!! :)
Either that or doing P90X with my sister!! :)

I'm also so excited that I'm going to do the Kiss Me Dirty race with my BFF on March 24th! I've NEVER done anything like that before and I can't wait!! Anyone out there that does athletic events like it and has advice for me? Should I be training NOW?? LOL I figure I'm exercising pretty regularly, and if it kicks my ass, ah well!! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I LOVE that Aiden is getting older and doing more "stuff"! Especially at school. He's had a couple of big projects that he had to do for homework, and they are so much fun! The most recent one he had to do was a timeline of some events in his life. It was so much fun to search through my computer(s) and find all the pictures needed to create my, HIS, masterpiece!!

This did however make me feel like a HORRIBLE mother...because I do NOT take enough pictures! I really need to start making sure I take as many pictures as I can during these years, because I am MISSING it all!! I'm pretty sure all of my camera-phone pictures from Addison's birthday party yesterday are just not going to cut it. How could I forget to charge the battery for our camera? I SUCK!!

So my goal from now on is to take pictures of EVERYTHING! Any suggestions to make sure I meet my goal? ;)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Saturday's fun festivities!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weight Loss, and LIFE in general

Wow! I sure haven't posted in awhile! I just haven't had the time, and honestly got a little discouraged. There are so many AWESOME bloggers out there, and I'm just NOT one of them! Anyway, here I go! :)

So since my last post in JUNE, I moved to a different school. I'm still teaching 6th grade, but am at an Elementary school again and am teaching ONE class ALL day. It's been a big adjustment, but it's been great! :)

Also since my last post, I've been working toward my weight loss journey. It's been a little up and down but I'm proud to say that I'm WELL on my way to my goal weight! I'm going to start blogging about it to keep myself on track and accountable. I really started looking at my eating habits and started counting calories BIG time! I also started focusing on making sure I'm eating more protein, fruits and veggies, and a LOT less crap! I also joined LA Fitness for working out and that has been AWESOME!! When my weight loss journey started I was at my heaviest ever.....188 lbs YIKES!!!!! BUT I can proudly say that I'm currently 161 lbs! That's a loss of 27 lbs! Holy cow!! My goal weight is 150, so I'm only 11 lbs away, and I KNOW I can do this!! My goal is to be at my goal weight by my birthday which is April 7th. So that's 2 months away. I can lose 11 pounds in 2 months right? I need to do it because I will be turning THIRTY!!! I want to start my thirties on the right foot! ;)

During this blog hiatus Aiden turned SIX and Addison turned THREE! My babies definitely aren't babies anymore! It is so much fun to see them grow into little people. Aiden is in 1st grade and he is doing so well. We're still struggling to get his ADHD under control, but he has come a long way! Addison is a sassy little thing and way ahead in her development. She is now in a BIG girl twin bed and she absolutely LOVES it! She still isn't potty trained and doesn't show much interest, but I know it will come!

My Mother In Law is really ill, and in critical condition. She's been on a ventilator since last Thursday. She's had 2 blood transfusions to get her white blood cell count and platelet count up, and as of last night they were starting to come up! She has a very serious pneumonia and it's affecting her heart. We've been doing a lot of praying for her to get well, any extra prayers would be appreciated!

The most recent update is my outlook on life. Following a blog post from my friend Chelsea, I've decided that I'm going to choose JOY and HAPPINESS for my life. There are too many negative things to focus on, and life is too short not to enjoy it. I've been trying my best to stay as positive as I can and choosing JOY! So far life has been looking pretty good lately :)

Well, I think that's all I can think of for now. To the ONE person out there for reading my blog, THANK YOU!! :) I'll try to keep it up!