I'm a busy mom who works hard for her kids! Hope you can relate to some of my thoughts!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 pounds!!!

I lost 3 pounds during my first week being back on Weight Watchers!! I am so proud of myself! I was so sure I was going gain this first week because I am definitely still getting used to the difference in eating!
I even went out to dinner this week, I just made sure to save up my points before hand. WW gives you 35 "extra points" for the week that you can allocate how you wish, most people just add 5 extra points on to their day. I saved up those points plus my points for that day, and I had 32 points to "spend" to splurge on my meal out! Man, did I SPLURGE!!! We went to BJ's new restaurant on Broadway and Craycroft and they are my new favorite restaurant!!
I don't know if my meal was really that amazing because the food was amazing, or if it was because I had worked so hard during the week, but it was AMAZING!!
My hardest thing is snacking. I noticed that I am using a lot of points on snacks because I'm hungry throughout the day. I want to have some snacks that are low in points, but are also low in preparation...any thoughts??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weight Loss Journey

I have decided that I'm sick of being overweight. This past week I re-joined Weight Watchers. That's right, I'm a previous WW drop out, but this time I'm determined to succeed!
I need to healthy and happy for my kids. They deserve a healthy mommy who is going to be around forever!!
Not only am I counting points for what I eat, I'm in search for healthy and easy recipes to cook for my family. My family needs to be eating healthier, not just me. As I search I will post any recipes I find here for everyone to enjoy! If you have any recipes, I would love for you to share! I do still plan to have freezer cooking days, so my recipes also need to be able to freeze well, or keep for a few days in the refrigerator. How is this possible all while working full time? Well I don't know that yet, but I'm going to figure it out! :)
This time around in the WW world I have a friend who as joined for support as well! It is so nice to be able to go with someone who understands what I'm going through. I also love that I can text her and she can text me before thinking about ruining our day on something frivolous! Nicole is the best WW partner I could ask for!
Of course I want to be healthy and feel good, but I definitely want to LOOK good as well! My goal is to lose 40 pounds! I'm not going to give myself a timeline because I will just be disappointed if I don't make it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to slack off though! Any helpful hints and tips would be much appreciated!
Hang around and watch my journey! Join in if you'd like!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The FAT girl

Whenever you go to the party there are always "those" girls: The skinny ones, the trendy ones, the popular ones, and the fat ONE. There is usually always ONE fat girl there, and the other night I was the FAT girl at the party! That night I cried myself to sleep because I don't want to be the fat girl anymore, thus I am starting a new diet and exercise goal!
I am searching for healthy, protein rich dinner recipes online and am finding a few I'd like to try. My husband is very picky and most of the recipes I'm finding online are fancy-like or have too many ingredients that he just won't eat, so I'm asking all you blogging ladies out there, what is your healthiest, most normal recipe that you make??
Obviously we're going to be eating a lot of chicken now, but do you have any favorite lean beef recipes I should try?
What should I eat for snacks? I did WW in college, but can't remember all of the ins and outs of snacking, and I'm sure things have changed in the past 7 years!
So my weight loss journey begins now...
any tips of the trade? anyone want to join me?