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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I LOVE that Aiden is getting older and doing more "stuff"! Especially at school. He's had a couple of big projects that he had to do for homework, and they are so much fun! The most recent one he had to do was a timeline of some events in his life. It was so much fun to search through my computer(s) and find all the pictures needed to create my, HIS, masterpiece!!

This did however make me feel like a HORRIBLE mother...because I do NOT take enough pictures! I really need to start making sure I take as many pictures as I can during these years, because I am MISSING it all!! I'm pretty sure all of my camera-phone pictures from Addison's birthday party yesterday are just not going to cut it. How could I forget to charge the battery for our camera? I SUCK!!

So my goal from now on is to take pictures of EVERYTHING! Any suggestions to make sure I meet my goal? ;)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Saturday's fun festivities!

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I take way too many pics, other times I feel like I don't have nearly enough. I try to capture everything I can, though. I just think, "am I going to want to remember/share this later?" The answer is almost always yes, and I always have either phone or camera handy. You're an awesome mom, you're crazy busy, so missing a few photo ops definitely doesn't mean you suck!

    Ps the pic of her blue frosting face is my favorite. So cute!