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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 pounds!!!

I lost 3 pounds during my first week being back on Weight Watchers!! I am so proud of myself! I was so sure I was going gain this first week because I am definitely still getting used to the difference in eating!
I even went out to dinner this week, I just made sure to save up my points before hand. WW gives you 35 "extra points" for the week that you can allocate how you wish, most people just add 5 extra points on to their day. I saved up those points plus my points for that day, and I had 32 points to "spend" to splurge on my meal out! Man, did I SPLURGE!!! We went to BJ's new restaurant on Broadway and Craycroft and they are my new favorite restaurant!!
I don't know if my meal was really that amazing because the food was amazing, or if it was because I had worked so hard during the week, but it was AMAZING!!
My hardest thing is snacking. I noticed that I am using a lot of points on snacks because I'm hungry throughout the day. I want to have some snacks that are low in points, but are also low in preparation...any thoughts??


  1. Great job! Congrats!
    The easiest low points snacks I have found are veggie sticks, fruit, or WW 2 points bars - they are pricy but have a ton of fiber and so are really filling.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Chelsea!! WW now have 1 point bars...but they are $11 a box! I don't know if I can shell out that much! But definitely will be eating some veggie sticks and fruit! WW also now has 1 point yogurt!

  3. I hear that plain veggies are really no calories. How are they for WW? I'm a big protein girl, but I suppose that may be higher in points? I find combos of protein, complex carbs go far...