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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another pound down!!

At Monday night's meeting I found out I lost another 1.4 pounds! So exciting! It's coming off slow, but at least it's coming off. I even got up 30 minutes early this morning and did a mile on the eliptical! It was HARD to get up early and get going, and now I'm exhausted, but I feel good about myself. That's the main thing right? Feeling good about yourself?
I sure hope I can keep it up, my motivation seems to be short lived. I just really want to be thinner, healthier, and happier!
I'm getting much better at using my points wisely. I feel like I've eaten all day, and I still have 1.5 points left. I also had a point left over yesterday too.
Any more suggestions for me?

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  1. I love your new background, and congrats Julie! It sure takes time but the rewards are huge! What helped me was to keep a graph of my progress and look at it month to month. OH, I also took measurements of my bicep, chest, waist, hips, and thigh because sometimes when the weight didn't go down, I did lose inches. I LOVED looking at that, and in the end I could also see how many inches I lost. I still have it if you want to see it. :)