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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little of this, little of that...

So I haven't blogged in a couple months. Mainly because I only have a few followers and I feel like it doesn't matter anyway. BUT I want to get back to blogging again, so here I go...whether there's anyone who wants to hear from me or not!
So where do I start, it's been so long?!

Let's start with Aiden's 5th birthday in September. I can't believe my baby is 5! Where has the time gone? Anyway, he had a BLAST celebrating with friends at Brandi Fenton Splash Pad. It was the PERFECT place to have a birthday party! Well, minus the bees of course. Note to self, no Eegee's at a park!!

Now for Halloween, my crazy kids... Aiden is in a Toy Story kick so he wanted to be Woody, and of course my sweet angel, Addison! But her halo kept falling off!

Then we had my sister's baby shower. I can't believe my "baby" sister is having a baby in just a few short weeks!! It was a great shower and I made my first ever diaper cake! It was only 2 tiers because I was getting frustrated, but it was a pretty good start, especially since I am NOT a crafty person whatsoever!!

Now we're up to Christmas!! We've had so much fun getting ready for Christmas. This holiday truly does get more fun when you have kids. Aiden is so excited for Christmas and Santa he can hardly stand it! Even though Daddy may use "Santa" to his advantage a little too much! :)
Tonight we made gingerbread men cookies and Aiden had a blast. When asked what his favorite part was? Doing the sprinkles and eating them was his response! Gotta love 5 year olds!

Thanks for catching up with me!


  1. So I used the santa trick but only you bought into it. You thought you would get presents that Lori cuz you were the "good" one! Ha

  2. oops and oops, lots of typos. Good thing I'm not texting... It didn't make sense. You thought you would get "better" presents than Lori cuz you were good.