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Sunday, January 23, 2011


So Martin Luther King Jr. day was supposed to be a relaxing day of getting stuff done. I had Addison at her new babysitters for the day, and my mom was going to spend the day with Aiden. So I started the day by taking my Blazer to Brake Max for an oil change, pretty normal right?!Well there isn't anything normal when it comes to my Blazer.
So I get a call from Brake Max to come look at a few things regarding the vehicle. The guy starts off by showing me how he can wiggle and move one of the tires and some other things under there (can you tell I know a lot about cars?), so I'm thinking okay, it wiggles, so what? Well he tells me it's NOT supposed to do it at all and mine is doing it A LOT. Then shows me some other things that shouldn't be happening. Okay, it's fixable right? Yes it's fixable, for around $2000! WHAT?!?! I don't have $2000, and I don't think it's even worth that much!
So now the freaking out and stress sets in. Of course I call Ben to see what he wants to do and he's working so he can't talk about it now. Lovely.
So Ben gets home a little early from work cause it's a holiday, supposed to be a nice relaxing afternoon with no work, sorry babe! We end up deciding it's time trade the Blazer in. After going to 2 dealerships we settle on a 2011 Nissan Sentra. Brand spankin' new and RED!! We get a GREAT deal on it, and we drive it off the lot at 9 PM Monday night, with kids in tow. Yes, I'm the worst mother ever, keeping my kids up that late on a school night. But they got to eat popcorn and crackers at the dealership, and that counts as dinner right?
Anyway, some fun info...my first car ever was a Nissan Sentra! :) So now we're back with Nissan and LOVE it! Here are a couple of some not so hot pictures of my HOT car! :)

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