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Saturday, May 1, 2010


So I was able to get a pedicure today! I was at a baby shower this morning and realized how UGLY my toes looked, especially compared to all the other women that were there! So I decided it had been too long since having a pedicure.
So I get there and then have to wait 45 minutes until my turn. Why is it that women always have to wait for everything?? Anyway, I sit in the chair and my phone rings. I try to grab my phone and drop it on the floor. I proceed to try to pick it up and almost fell out of the massage chair onto my face! Man! That would have been embarrassing!!
So I'm there TRYING to relax but I'm totally embarrassed and feeling guilty for getting a pedicure when my husband has been at home with the kids all morning. Why is it moms can never do anything for ourselves, and when we do we feel guilty for it? Does that just come with motherhood, instead of a paycheck we get guilt?!?! What's up with that? At least my toes now look pretty!

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  1. I thought about doing the same thing after the shower! Came home instead :-(