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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Blues

Is it possible to have the "Monday Blues" even when you're not working? Today I was so cranky and tired ALL day!! I should have been cleaning and folding laundry to get ready for my surgery on Wednesday, but I just couldn't get my butt moving! Today was also the first official day of my summer break so I should have been ecstatic!
I was feeling okay, tired, but okay before watching "Dear John" this afternoon! What a sad movie!! Can a movie really change your mood that much?
I'm sure hoping tomorrow is a better day!! I need to get my house cleaned before my surgery on Wednesday!! After the surgery I won't be able to walk for at least a week!
Here's to Totally 'Tastic Tuesday (LOL)!!

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  1. I do think it is possible...after a long hard year, you deserve some rest and it is hard to get that with little ones. I have a day off today by myself and it is heaven. Do you get to stay overnight in the hospital and at least have some downtime?