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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My boy!

Aiden is 5 1/2, so almost 6. How on earth do I have an almost 6 year old? Where have the past 6 years gone?
We got his report card today for the 3rd Quarter of Kindergarten. He is doing so well! :) The teacher even put in her comments that he's one of her "favorite students" :) Makes me feel good knowing he such a good kid, especially since the academic side of school hasn't been easy for him.
I LOVE his heart! He has the sweetest personality and the biggest heart! He absolutely adores his sister and tells me every day how much he loves me. It just melts my heart when he tells me EVERY NIGHT how I always "make the best dinner".

Aiden's goofy smile after telling me how good tonight's dinner was :)

Today we were in Safeway and he was asking for something and I said no, he asked why, and stated "because I'm a mean mom". Of course my sweet boy says, "no you're not, you're the best mom!" Even when he's not getting what he wants he still such a sweet boy!!
Here are a few pictures of my sweet boy on his "big boy hike" with daddy this past Sunday! He had a blast!!