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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Foot surgery

So today was the day for my foot surgery.
We arrived at the Camp Lowell Surgery Center at 6:00 am this morning. I tried to convince Ben to ditch the surgery and get breakfast with me! Kinda felt like old times! My senior year of high school, I would ditch school and meet him at JB's for breakfast! Remember that restaurant? They had the best breakfast buffet!
Anyway, he wouldn't budge, so to check in we went. Everyone at the center was so nice and explained everything really well! Didn't help to calm my nerves though. After checking in, we waited about 30 minutes before they called me back, where they checked my vitals, had me sign paperwork and started an IV. I tend to have uncooperative veins so the nurse had to start the IV twice :( I don't do well with IV's and needles so I almost fainted after the 2nd one! After saying goodbye to Ben, they wheeled me back to the operating room.
I was "put to sleep" for a few minutes while they numbed my foot. Then they woke me up and I was awake for the whole surgery! I downloaded Pandora to my phone to listen to so I didn't hear any of the surgery. Unfortunately only one of the earphones was working so I heard everything! I heard the electric saw being used and everything! Ugh :(
The surgery lasted about an hour and we were home by 10:30 am. Where I then took a nap. When I woke up the numbing medicine started wearing off and man was there pain! My doctor was surprised to hear it became un-numb so quickly! Apparently I have a fast metabolism when it comes to medicine! The viccodin is not helping hardly at all so the doctor plans to write me a prescription for demoral in the morning! Man I hope it helps!
The plan was to do this foot today and then do the right foot in a few years. After all this I really don't think that is happening! Everyone told me it was going to be painful but I was never prepared for this!
Luckily my wonderful mother is watching my kids, but I really miss them! Can't wait to see them tomorrow!

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