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Friday, June 10, 2011

Teacher Reflections Day 4

Day 4
What were you most worried about as you approached your first day as a teacher?

I remember my first day as a teacher when I was driving to school and was actually crying in fear! I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able to get 30 2nd graders to listen to me, afraid I was going to do something wrong that would set the entire year off on a bad start. Turns out I was crying for nothing because it was a great year! Of course there were some ups and downs that year, as every first year teacher knows!

The thing that I was most worried about was classroom management. Was I going to be able to get them to listen to me? Would they learn anything from me? Would they walk all over me? How do I get 8 years olds attention?
To this day this is what I am most worried about every year. I'm always worrying about how to get my classroom to run the way I want it to. How do I make sure my students are learning? These are questions that I'm always worrying about! I just hope it gets easier SOME DAY!!

All my teacher friends out there...any advice?? :)

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