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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I went to Safeway yesterday and saved $113, which was more than I spent!!
I am absolutely addicted to couponing and hunting for deals! I used to make a list of foods and things that I needed, and if I had a coupon or it was on sale, great! I don't do it that way anymore! I have joined several free blogs and websites to keep an eye on all the deals!
Most people use a binder to keep all of their coupons organized, but I honestly don't have the time to keep up with that. What I do, is have a file box and organize my coupons by date. Most coupon sites will give the date of the newspaper the coupons came in when they match sales with coupons, so then I can just go to that file in my box! I don't clip all the coupons when I get them, because I usually use maybe 40% of the coupons in each of the inserts. I rely mainly on online coupons to save money.
Something I learned when starting to coupon is that you can use a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on the same item! This is also true for a paper coupon and an ecoupon! This is the biggest way I save money!
The main stores I shop at are Albertson's and Safeway. Safeway has been having a lot of great deals lately, and Albertson's always has great deals on meats!
My favorite coupon sites:

Frugal Girls
Hot Coupon World
Just Frugalicious

And sites that have coupons:


If you're into couponing, what organizational method do you use? What are your favorite stores? How do you save the most money? I'm always into seeing what others do!

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  1. Julie! I don't use coupons but it is something that I really want to start doing. Thanks for those websites, I will check them out today!