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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No more babies :(

No more babies in my house!! Addison is ALMOST officially walking! She did a lot of walking on her own today! We have been working with her, holding her hands while she walks, and she has been using the walker more. Today she kept letting go of the walker and would take a good 10-15 steps on her own, walking toward Ben! Soo cute!! I am so excited because we have been waiting for this milestone for quite some time. She'll be 17 months next week!
Even though this is an exciting time, it is a little sad as well. This means that I will no longer have any more babies around! Of course they will always be my babies, but they are growing up too fast!
Addison is on her way to 2 years old and becoming a toddler now that she's walking, and Aiden is starting kindergarten in August! Where does the time go?

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