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Saturday, June 12, 2010

So I've decided I want to try this whole freezer cooking idea! Most blogs I've read talk about getting meals ready for the freezer with a months worth of meals. I don't know if I could do that much at once so I'm thinking of starting smaller, like meals for 2 weeks. Has anyone else done this? How'd it go?
I'd like to start with seeing what's on sale and what coupons I have to determine my meals and obviously will use what I already have. I wonder if I could use up my 6 bottles of BBQ sauce, or my 4 bottles of mustard doing this?? J/K I'm not going to make condiment soup!!
I'm thinking I'm going to use this week to start my planning. Here are my goals for this week and next weekend. I hope to spend all of next Sunday cooking and prepping and getting everything ready to cook and freeze! This will be my trial run to see if I can handle it! If it works out I hope to be able to get this done again the weekend before I go back to work in July so we can have meals ready when I'm not going to want to cook after working all day!
So here's my plan:
1. Come up with ideas and recipes I'd like to make
2. Look through my pantry to see what ingredients I already have
3. Match up my stockpile items to the recipes and start a grocery list for what I will need to finish the ingredient list for each recipe
4. Match up all the prep work for each recipe (browning all the ground beef for a few of the recipes, chopping all onions needed for all recipes, etc.)
5. Get everything all ready to go by next weekend for the big cooking day!
Can you tell I'm getting really excited about this? Does anyone else have any suggestions? Who else does this?
I'm becoming such a "mom" and "housewife" lately! I'm all into couponing and saving at the grocery store and planning out menus to cook with all the food I've gotten with my savings, now I want to do big batches of cooking. It's kinda nice, I feel like I'm really taking care of my family! :)
Anyway, thanks for reading! :)

Also, wanted to give credit to a wonderful lady to writes her own blog, fishmama. I have found a lot of wonderful tips on how to do this method of cooking! Check her out, she's amazing!!

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